Custom designed desktop & mobile software
We design customized software for desktop & mobile platforms using industry standards. We can provide software products to your business for many different operating systems at affordable prices.

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Need software that automates tedious daily business tasks? We can write customized solutions for you to automate your business needs. Streamline your business with customized automation software and get things done accurately and much faster. If you need a customized inventory system or need automated invoicing software to bill your customers these are just a few desktop and web applications we can create for you. We provide desktop and web software for Microsoft Windows computers and servers.

Or maybe you are looking to get your company's presence on one of the popular mobile app stores? We can write mobile apps and games for these platforms affordably and fast. Depending on your needs, we can write a small promotional app or utility, or one of the more popular and addictive games to get your company the brand recognition it deserves. We primarily develop mobile apps for Microsoft Windows Phone smartphones and Apple iOS devices.

Customized Software Overview

  • Over a decade of experience on various Microsoft Windows desktop and server operating systems.
  • We are a certified and licensed Microsoft Windows Phone and Apple iOS developer.
  • Desktop applications can be delivered for Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003.
  • Mobile software can be delivered for Microsoft Windows Phone 7 or higher and Apple iOS 5 or higher.
  • Web based software is compatible with Microsoft IIS and Apache Web Server.
  • Desktop and server software written with Microsoft Visual C#.
  • Mobile software written with Microsoft Visual C#, XNA, Silverlight and Objective-C.
  • All web based software is written with the PHP programming language, with strict HTML 4 standards output.
  • Web based software that requires database access will use Microsoft SQL Azure or Oracle MySQL 5.
  • We can code sign your customized software and distribute it for you or you may choose to distribute.
  • All source code, rights and intellectual property of the customized software is transferred to you.
  • Customized software projects are billed by the hour with a 20% down payment.

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