Frequently asked questions of our software products
Find immediate answers to questions you have regarding our software products below. Here you will find several frequently asked questions that many of our customers have asked us regarding our software products.

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Below we have provided answers to several common frequently asked questions regarding licensing, activation and updating our software products. We have received many of these questions from customers of our software products and have shared them with you here. If you are unable to locate the answer to your questions feel free to contact us for assistance.

Where do I enter the serial number into the software?

After installing our software products and purchasing a license you will receive a unique serial number. You must enter this serial number into the software by opening the product and clicking on the link at the bottom of the screen to activate and register the software. Follow the instructions on the screen to activate your product.
Can I use the same serial number on more than one computer?

You may only use the serial number on the same amount of computers for which you have purchased a license for. A license must be purchased for each computer you wish to use the software on. Our automated activation system will detect if the software is being used on multiple computers without the proper license, the license to the software will terminate and your serial number will no longer operate.
I lost the serial number for the software, how do I recover it?

Fill out the serial number recovery form to recover your serial number for our software products. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address you purchased with, you will need to contact us. Include your full name, phone number, and order number (if available) to expedite the manual retrieval of your serial number.
Why does the software attempt to access the internet?

Due to software piracy we have included the feature to connect and detect illegal usage of our software products. Please understand that no personal or sensitive information is ever transmitted over the internet. Only the serial number, order number and IP address of the activating machine are transmitted over the internet to verify the validity of the license.
How do I download an update to the software?

Simply visit our downloads page and download the latest trial version. You do not need to uninstall the older version; downloading and installing the new version will overwrite the previous copy. The serial number will also automatically transfer over without any interaction on your part, thus converting the trial version into a fully licensed copy.
I cannot access the software any longer, it gives me a 'product has expired' message?

Our software products may time out after a specific period of time. This is a notification that the copy of the software you have is outdated and an update is available to install. Note that all updates (within the same major version) of our products are free of charge so downloading an update is straightforward.
Why does the software require administrative rights in order to run?

Many of our software products make several registry and system-wide changes, in order for those changes to occur you must be logged in as the computer administrator.
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